Meeting the Costs

Cost cover for Osteopathic Treatment through statutory or private insurers is not regulated uniformly across the country.

Your health fund will confirm whether it will cover your treatment costs and to what extent. In the event that costs are not claimable, you will personally be liable for treatment costs.

We require the private referral of a doctor to be able to carry out treatment and bill our services for each patient, irrespective of reimbursement.

This private doctor’s referral must specify a diagnosis as well as the prescribed number of Osteopathic Treatments. Such referral must be presented at the initial appointment at the latest since therapy may not get under way without it.

Each therapy session must be paid in cash on the day of treatment. The costs per treatment hour are 100.00 € with private doctor’s referral.

The amount is adjusted accordingly if treatment is longer or shorter.

For every therapy session you will receive an invoice which details the therapy components. If applicable, you may submit this invoice to your health fund for a refund together with the referral which we will return to you on completion of your treatment sessions.

You must phone us with 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel an appointment (+49 (0)9131 – 128 378) to enable us to free the slot for another patient. We will invoice your cancelled session if you do not give adequate prior notice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Kindly study the following form prior to your initial treatment. If possible, please bring it along completed to your first appointment.


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